Comprehensive Treatment & Personal Care

At Alternative Avenues & Associates, we believe in providing quality therapy through comprehensive treatment and personalized care. Utilizing a variety of treatment modalities, programming will be tailored to address each person’s individual needs. Inspired by professionals who believe you get better when we do things together. Let us help you reach your fullest potential by finding the avenue that’s right for you.

We don’t just address the problem,or the last straw that brought you in, but dissect, view, and review how your behaviors got you where you are today. It’s not just about stopping the problem but making sure another one doesn’t develop in its place. We normalize the issues, empower the person, build supports, and practice living without harmful vices. We want to make sure you feel good regardless of your environment; that you are living your authentic and best self. We communicate with external support systems, when appropriate, advocating for the client when needed.

We encourage progress but at a pace that is attainable and sustainable. We don’t shame clients for lack of movement as long as motivation and integrity are present. We are not scared of digging for real emotions, emotions don’t intimidate us, and if we are really doing our job well, the client will feel challenged, and they will know they won’t crumble for experiencing all their feelings.